Our Story

Who We Are

Udupiwala is the best South Indian restaurant brand that has more than two decades of experience in serving authentic dishes of South Indian cuisine. A search for lip-smacking authentic South Indian cuisine ends at Udupiwala. The variety of dishes offered is not only impressive, but has an authentic taste. The first restaurant began from Kathgodam, Nainital: The Gateway to Kumaon. This pure vegetarian restaurant is a favourite among the travellers and tourists visiting either Kumaon region to explore the Himalayas, or Corbett National Park, who are fond of wildlife and the versatile flora and fauna.

Mr. Joseph Rodrigues


Mr. Joseph Rodrigues hails from a family in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district. A visit to Kumaon as a tourist changed his life. Mr. Joseph has been interested in cooking from a young age. He noticed that South Indian eateries were either absent or minimal in Kumaon. In 1999, Mr. Joseph and his family moved to Haldwani, hoping to start a vegetarian South Indian restaurant.

Good Food: The Labour of Love

The Origin

Udupiwala is a quest to bring the best of South Indian food to the North.

In India, Udupi, the name of a town in the southern state of Karnataka, is synonymous with South Indian vegetarian food. We combine the recipes and culinary skills of the region with commercial enterprise to spawn an industry of restaurants across India, typically serving food at affordable prices and have been doing so efficiently. Our eateries qualify to be the organized Indian version of fast food outlets as the food typically reaches your table within minutes of placing an order.

Udupiwala was born in Kathgodam, a town which is known as “Door of Kumaon”, in the State of “God's Land”, Uttarakhand.