We Care

We Care


We Care Our Guests:

As a responsible group, sensitive to our environs, Udupiwala is always looking for means to contribute to society. The group has been active in supporting several causes and charities in the past and will continue to be part of the ecosystem that helps those in need and makes the world a better place for everyone.

  • Hand Sanitizers Provided At Entrance/Rest Rooms.
  • Thermal Gun Checks At The Entrance, Guests With Body Temperatures Above Prescribed Limit Will Be Denied Entrance.
  • All Staff Screened Every day Before Entering the Premises.
  • Frequent Hand Washing With Soap Compulsory for All Staff.
  • Physical Distancing Norms Strictly Followed By Staff.
  • All Staff Uses Face Masks/Covers & Hand-Gloves.
  • Kitchen & Restaurant Area Sanitized At Regular Intervals.
  • Staggered Seating Arrangements For Guests.
  • Tables Are Sanitized After Each Service.
  • Cars at parking area sanitized also.

Our Commitment to Cleanliness & Hygiene :

At Udupiwala, we have always practiced being open and transparent with our guests and colleagues for over 23 years. Our restaurants have always placed the highest emphasis on the safety and well-being of our guests with exacting standards of cleanliness and hygiene. With the risks associated with COVID 19, and in keeping with World Health Organization and Ministry of Tourism guidelines, we have implemented a number of additional measures across all our restaurants.

Guidelines of our standards

All of us at Udupiwala are grateful for the immense trust placed in us by our guests to always do the right thing. We also understand that not all of our guests would want to peruse through the complete list of procedures. For their convenience, we have tabulated the crucial ones below.

Regular de-capitalize is being done with appropriate chemicals to disinfect the restaurant entrances, employee entrances, as well as various public areas.
Protocols are in place for staff in the kitchens and restaurants to sanitize their hands every time they serve food or touch food related items.
Temperature readings of non-resident guests are taken at the entrance of the restaurant. Temperature readings of resident guests and team members are also taken once a day.
Updated and detailed cleaning checklists, including the use of professionally identified chemicals and agents for all areas, are being followed and monitored closely.
All supplies and materials are sanitized before entering the restaurant premises.
If any of the parameters for our guests or colleagues are not normal, a medical examination and medical assistance are provided immediately.
Correctly formulated hand sanitizers are in place at all public spaces and include the entrances and corridors etc.